This link will take you to "Events of 1971" 
This site will give you the number one song on this week in 1971 
Were you in the Senior Variety Show? If so, you might enjoy reading the words to Desiderata.
This is the Baby Boomers Headquarters site.  It is a fun page to visit.  Make sure you try some of the baby boomer quizzes. 
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Click for Danbury , CT Forecast
Danbury Community
Danbury High School Website - There are links to other class websites
DHS Class of 1967 - Nicely done website with links to other DHS classes
Danbury Fair  - A great original song and video about the Danbury Fair by Dave King
In Connecticut: A Fair Goes Dark,9171,950575,00.html
Brief History of Danbury
The News Times - read local news
1971 Links - some fun links to information about 1971